Not up to the iPhone 11

But looking more closely under the hood, the power would not be so high in the end. This is what emerges from an analysis signed AnTuTu, application specialized in the evaluation and comparison of smartphone performance . The tool thus gives a score to each device, according to four criteria: the CPU, the GPU, the memory and the user experience (UX).

In total, the iPhone SE (version 256 GB of storage space and 3 GB of RAM) gets 492,166, which seems honorable. By way of comparison, the XS Max was given a score of 443,337. But when we go into detail, we see that the figures relating to the CPU and GPU are not necessarily up to expectations. So while the chips are supposed to be the same, the iPhone SE only gets 149,295 in CPU (159,249 for 11, 168,047 for 11 Pro) and 186,079 in GPU (208,603 for 11, 209 813 for the 11 Pro).

© AnTuTu

Ultimately, the iPhone SE therefore displays performance closer to the XS, yet equipped with an A12 Bionic chip. The results of the various Apple devices are available on the AnTuTu website .