iPhone 11 Pro Max and Pixel 4 Cameras. Which One is Better?

SuperSaf and MKBHD, two famous YouTube numbers in the industry, join hands to do a special episode comparing the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Pixel 4, which have just been officially on sale in the United States.

Many people know that Pixel is known for its precision cameras. And get beautiful images with artificial intelligence that helps adjust the setting To the image after shooting is complete The more the two hosts have the right to test the mobile phone before the villagers always get used to it. With the cameras of each camp to see what type of image But which mobile phone model will take more pictures to touch the audience like us? So let’s try Blindtest to see what camera can take the picture

If asking the reader which image is prettier And try to answer whether you think the left or right side are the Pixel 4 and iPhone Pro 11

The answer is iPhone 11 Pro Max. The picture is on the left. The color tones will be cool (out to blue), while the Google Pixel 4 XL in the image is bright (yellow) and the details are both the same.

But what makes the difference is that the iPhone 11 Pro Max also has an ultrawide lens, which is something that the Google Pixel can’t compete with.

The next image is quite similar again. But the left side will go towards the cool tone The right side saw a little more detail than the left side. (The yellow stone With black shadow highlights)

And is as expected when the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the department that holds cool colors But still lose the shadow highlights in the dark when using HDR

When testing Digital Zoom (Google side called Super Res Zoom) that zoomed and took The script was not taken anymore. As a result, the Google Pixel 4XL image is somewhat better, clearer, and brighter.

In this picture, the left side holds a little better detail. In the picture on the right, there is banding from the screen net in contrast to the reflected light coming in.

This time, Google Pixel 4 won the HDR side. Both of these images are well done. If it was a mobile phone before Or general camera Go is not a pro camera, may not be able to shoot Because if taking people The outside image will be a lot of white light. If taken outside, the person will become a silhouette.

Both pictures are bright and colorful. The left side has slightly cooler tones.

And is as expected The picture on the right is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Google Pixel 4 XL assumes that the picture is more colorful and beautiful.

But the iPhone side also has a Wide lens to use to store more details as well

This left image is a bit darker. The sky blends closely together. While the picture on the right, the sky is cloudeThe answer may be surprising, as the iPhone 11 Pro Max holds quite a bit of sky color details than the Google Pixel.

For this picture on the left, the sky blends well. The image on the right is a bit cloudy, but it is like the picture that the photographer has finished editing and then printed to decorate the building.

The answer is that on the right is the Google Pixel 4XL. The reason may be because the images taken in the artificial intelligence train are more of a finished image style. Causing artificial intelligence to adjust the image this way

This picture is the same What’s the matter inside?

We can see that the Google Pixel 4XL keeps the details of the object. And makes it more brighter, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max has an evenly colored sky

Let’s talk about front cameras. This year, Google didn’t put a dual front camera like last year. Both Pixel and iPhone have both single front cameras. In some images and situations, the AI may be confused with the object as in the picture. The front part of the model is understood to be the same as the background. And was blurred

Taking selfies in low light, both aren’t quite that different. Is blurred and dark as wellWhen the flash is turned on with the front camera The picture is a little better, but Pixel can cheat more. Because the front camera has Night Sight to use as well, unlike the iPhone that can only flash the front camera to make the flash light.

For normal lighting conditions, the front camera is not that much different, but the Pixel 4XL will hold details better than the iPhone.

Both models have the same front camera as well.

In bright and unequal light conditions, the Google Pixel 4XL is still good enough to know that there are external objects and should turn on HDR, while Apple doesn’t have HDR available on the front camera. (You will see that the picture outside the window is missing.)

For portrait mode, both cameras do quite well

The Google Pixel 4XL wins in terms of photography, but the iPhone has the option of shooting close-up portraits or using a wide lens to capture full details.As for this picture, the Pixel 4 XL doesn’t take into account the MKBHD’s face, so it has added Shadow while the iPhone adjusted the skin color first. And pull the brightness value up so that the face can be clearly seenFor the video, Apple’s anti-shake system is much better. (Recommend to look at the original clip) but the color is still cooler than the Pixel 4XL sideAnd of course The difference is that the iPhone has an Ultrawide lens which allows to store large details of objects. (As in this case the bridge) much better than the PixelFor zooming during video shooting Both are doing quite well, with the Pixel capturing details better than about one. But in the end, it can still be seen that the image is digitally adjusted to make it bigger. Overall, it still can’t compete with optical zoom.You can see that zoomed video during the Google Pixel 4XL shooting will capture details better than the iPhone.Having seen this much, it must be admitted that both are very close. And different in terms of keeping only the small details that will actually see that the iPhone 11 Pro Max has an Ultrawide lens to choose from. The Google side maintains the image tone similar to what the human eye sees. And really good digital zoomHowever, even if the camera is one of the things that allows us to choose which side to use the phone. But there are still many factors, including the price, the warranty, including the country of sale and other specifications as well. Whoever wants to hold a Pixel is not disappointed to take a picture. But other specifications are considered to be released for nearly a year Including not being officially released for sale as well.

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