According to macrumors , Apple has already released iOS 15, which is now in beta for developers ahead of a public release later this year. A rather small but useful new feature added to the platform is the ability to drag and drop images, text, files… between apps on the iPhone.
Drag and drop between apps has been on the iPad since 2017, and Apple finally extended it to the iPhone with iOS 15. Drag and drop between apps has always defaulted to copying, not moving. content. You can select images, documents, and files from one app and drag them into another.


To drag and drop on iOS 15, long-press an image, text, or file, and without lifting that finger, use a second finger to swipe out of an app and open another app. Then, untap the image, text, or file to drop it in another app. When you drag and drop, there will be visual effects displayed so you can understand your workflow.In many apps, you can drag an item with one finger, and while dragging, select additional items by touching them with another finger. The selected items will appear stacked below the finger dragging the original item. You can then drag the items as a group and drop them into another application.