IOS 14 code reveals Apple working with BMW to develop CarKey features to transform iPhone into car keys.

9to5Mac reported from February that Apple will add the CarKey feature to iOS 13.4 onwards to replace the car keys that are enabled for this feature.

Data from iOS 14’s new 9to5Mac reveals that Apple is currently working on a feature development for CarKey with the BMW manufacturer to use the feature. Make it the first brand that has news that will use this feature in the future. Of course, after contacting BMW for an interview, BMW declined to comment. But didn’t deny the news that CarKey will be available in the future or not. 

In the future, Apple may use the UWB (UltraWide Band) chip in the iPhone 11 Pro to confirm its identity. And unlock the car via CarKey too, but may have to wait for this year’s mobile phone, because it must be version 3.0 chip in order to use

It’s still unclear whether the iPad will support the CarKey feature as well, as currently only the iPhone 11 Pro has a UWB chip, but in the code of iOS 13.4 Beta, Apple Watch will also support this feature, meaning that the UWB may not be a feature. main Or there may be a version that works with NFC

Must wait to see September this year if Apple does not postpone the launch event whether the new Apple Watch will have a UWB chip or not.

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