iOS 13 launches June 3 at WWDC

Apple later chose to launch a new version of iOS at the WWDC, and began testing it for about 3 months before the actual launch. Apple has recently invited Keynote at WWDC 2019 to the media. Which is expected to launch iOS 13 in the event as well.

The event will take place on June 3 at 10 o’clock in San Jose. (Corresponding to midnight on the 4th day of the Thai time) usually shows pictures and features of the new version of iOS, which this year should not be different. The feature that was previously rumored is that Dark Mode will be available for use on iOS 13 because all new mobile phones are OLED screens.

For operating systems of other products, It should be launched at the same time, whether it is watchOS, tvOS, macOS. Earlier there were rumours that the iPad app would be able to run on a Mac.

Last year, Apple did not launch a new product at the WWDC, and the day before Apple just released the new MacBook Pro ( the old news ), it is expected that this year would not have the product launch at the same event