iOS 13.4 adds a new Momoji Sticker and shared iCloud Drive folder from the file app, now available for iPhone users.

Apple has released iPhone users to update to the latest operating system software, iOS 13.4, which will include the new Momoji Sticker and the sharing of the iCloud Drive folder from the file app, as well as fixes. Shortcomings and improve efficiency too

For this software update, the file size is quite large, about 983.7 MB. For the  iPhone 11 Pro, recommend to fully charge the battery. And back up the data before updating and use stable Wi-Fi to download the update file. IPhone users can update directly by going to Settings> General> Software Update.


iOS 13.4 comes with new Memoji stickers and iCloud Drive folder sharing from the Files app.This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.


  • New nine Memoji stickers, such as smiling faces with hearts, hands and party faces.


  • Sharing the iCloud Drive folder from the file app
  • A control that restricts access to the people you explicitly invite or gives access to anyone who has a folder link.
  • Right to choose who can change and upload files. And the people who can do just view and download files


  • The controls are always visible for deleting, moving, replying, or writing messages in conversation view.
  • Responses to encrypted emails are automatically encrypted once you have configured S / MIME.

App Store with Apple Arcade

  • Universal Purchase Support allows one-time participating app purchases to be used with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
  • Games that have just been played in the Arcade are shown in the Arcade tab so you can continue playing on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.
  • List view for all games


  • Support for third-party navigation apps for the CarPlay dashboard
  • Information during the call is displayed on the CarPlay dashboard.

Augmented reality

  • Quick view in AR. Supports audio playback in USDZ files.


  • Support for typing predictions

This update also includes bug fixes and other improvements. This update will:

  • Added a status indicator on the status bar that will be displayed when the VPN is disconnected on full screen iPhone models.
  • Fixes an issue in the camera app that may cause the viewfinder to show a black screen after enabling
  • Addresses issues that may cause the system to display that the Photos app is using too much storage space.
  • Fixes an issue in the Photos app that may prevent images from being shared to the Messages app if iMessage is disabled.
  • Solve an issue in the Mail app that may cause messages to not display in order
  • Addresses an issue in the Mail app that may cause the conversation list to show blank rows.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause Mail to close for unknown reasons when tapping the Share button in Quick View.
  • Fixed an issue with settings that could cause cellular data to show off. Which is not correct
  • Addresses an issue in Safari that may cause webpages to not return color when both dark mode and intelligent color inversion are enabled.
  • Addresses an issue that may cause text copied from web content to not display when pasting that text while dark mode is enabled.
  • Fixes an issue in Safari that could cause the CAPTCHA squares to not display correctly.
  • Addresses an issue that may prevent the Reminder app from issuing new notifications for overdue reminders until the item is marked complete.
  • Fixes an issue that may cause the Reminder app to send notifications for completed reminders.
  • Fixing an issue that causes the system to show that iCloud Drive is available in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote even when not logged in.
  • Fix issues in Apple Music that may prevent music videos from streaming at high quality.
  • Fixing an issue that caused CarPlay to lose connection on some vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue in CarPlay that may cause views in the Maps app to disappear from the current area for a short time.
  • Addresses issues in the home app that may cause tapping of security camera activity notifications, open other log entries
  • Fixes an issue that caused apps for shortcuts to not display when tapping the Share menu from screenshots.
  • Updated Burmese keyboard to allow punctuation symbols now accessible from numbers and symbols.

Some features may not be available in all regions or not on all Apple devices.For information about the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

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