iOS 12.2 beta leaks new features in AirPods 2

In Apple’s latest iOS 12.2 first developer beta, the AirPods 2 configuration option appeared on the Hey Siri settings page, indicating that Apple’s upcoming second-generation wireless headset AirPods supports the “Hey Siri” command, which is basically the same as the prediction.

Messages from 9to5Mac, the “Hey Siri” settings screen for iOS 12.2 beta 1 is almost identical to the existing setup prompts, but AirPods is mentioned for the first time.

The iOS beta is not yet open to the public, and AirPods 2 is not yet available, so this is a secret Apple hides in the test system. However, AirPods 2’s “Hey Siri” function will be the same as that of the iPhone, and it has its own voice recognition function.

Apple’s current AirPods does not support the “Hey Siri” feature. This Apple self-developed wireless headset debuted in December 2016 and has been very popular since its launch. Apple used to update its accessories with its slow pace. But now it seems that Apple is ready to actively promote the AirPods product line, increasing users’ willingness to buy.

Previously, Bloomberg News predicted that the second-generation AirPods added the “Hey Siri” feature, making it easier for users to control the music and adjust the volume, without having to double-click the physical way to wake up Siri.

In addition, Bloomberg News also predicted that the second generation of AirPods may have built a new generation of wireless chips developed by Apple, which is more advanced than the W2 chip seen in Apple Watch Series 3. The Apple W1 wireless chip was introduced with AirPods, and the higher-powered W2 chip was adopted in the Apple Watch Series 3. Since then, this series of wireless chips have achieved market success. It is speculated that the new AirPods model will use the legendary “W3 chip”, which has the advantage of further enhancing endurance and improving Bluetooth sound quality.

As an accessory, AirPods may only account for a small percentage of Apple’s quarterly sales, but its significance for Apple is not to be underestimated. Apple wants to use this small gadget to set up a “wireless and always connected” wireless ecosystem. Even more, you can imagine that Apple actually wants to make AirPods a true wearable device, not just an earplug.