Intel’s first dGPU ‘DG1’ unveiled, mobile only, not desktop

Intel unveiled its first external GPU ‘DG1’ with Xe graphics architecture.

Unveiled at CES 2020 Keynote, the DG1 was introduced with Intel’s next-generation mobile processor, Tiger Lake. The DG1 itself is an external GPU but can only be used with the processor.

In short, Tiger Lake’s built-in GPU and DG1 must be used together.

It’s designed to add the DG1 for gamers who feel the performance is lacking with the built-in GPU, so it’s not going to be a desktop model.

No specific performance or specs of the DG1 were announced, but a working demo with Destiny 2 was demonstrated. After the event, some media claimed that the release date of DG1 was 2021.

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