If you still need to switch from Windows 7, Intel and software developer Laplink have released a free tool to transfer files to your new PC.

It’s been less than two months before Microsoft ended support for Windows 7, but nevertheless, despite the fact that the operating system is an amazing 10 years old, many still use it. Why?

After investigating things, Intel suggests that the hassle of moving files, settings, and other data from one computer to another is one of the main reasons people use old computers.

However, with the end of quick support for Windows 7, millions of people who still use the operating system are at risk of missing security updates from Microsoft, in addition to using very old software.

To help with the switch, Intel has partnered with Laplink Software to release a free version of the data migration tool. PCmover Express is completely free for personal use and can be used to migrate from old Windows 7 computers to new Intel-based Windows 10 computers (previously $ 29.95, € 23.95 or £ 20.95 from all over the world). . The software migrates files, documents, and user settings, making the process of moving to a new computer less painful.

This software is free for individual users only. According to Laplink, a commercial license is available for “about $ 20”.

The free version of PCmover Express is sufficient for most people, but there are also special suggestions if your requirements are a bit larger. Laplink also saves 50% on the regular price of PCmover Professional, allowing you to transfer applications from one computer to another. The pro version of this software can be $ 29.98 / £ 20.98 (about AU $ 40) (from $ 59.95 / £ 41.95 (about AU $ 90)).