Intel 11th generation Core is approaching 7GHz! Memory exceeds 6666.66MHz

Intel is expected to warm up Rocket Lake 11-generation desktop Core processors during the CES 2021 exhibition next week, but it will not be available until March, and next-generation motherboards such as Z590 and B560 will take the lead.

The model, specifications, and running scores of the 11th generation desktop Core have been seen a lot, and now there is an extreme overclocking, which is outrageously approaching 7GHz.

Intel 11th generation Core is approaching 7GHz! Memory exceeds 6666.66MHz

VWorld released a mysterious video, basically it must be a large manufacturer’s Z590 motherboard with a certain 11-generation Core, and you can see the two instruction sets of AVX512F and SHA in the screenshot of the CPU-Z , 8×48KB first-level data cache , 8×512 secondary cache , this is undoubtedly a typical feature of Rocket Lake.

It is guessed that it is a flagship i9-11900K with a base frequency of about 3.5GHz and the highest acceleration is expected to reach 5.3GHz.

Under the suppression of liquid nitrogen, this U has exceeded a staggering 6923MHz, of which the FSB is 113.5MHz and the multiplier is 61x . It seems that this generation of FSB will be more open.

At the same time, the memory frequency has reached 6666.66MHz, but the voltage is also as high as 1.83V, and the timing is 19-26-26-46.