Install on billions of smartphones: you need to remove this harmful camera app There are always dangerous apps in stores on Android and iOS devices that want to hurt smartphone users. There is also a “Beauty” app that provides filters for cameras and photo processing. As the data protection company suggests, there are 30 apps that need to be removed immediately, which seems to have been downloaded billions of times ago. The video shows how you can better protect yourself.

The most convenient element that smartphones offer is the numerous apps that can be loaded on your device instantly. Unfortunately, this is also one of the biggest weaknesses of everyday companions. Because stores often have malicious programs or apps that try to spy on users. According to a report from a security company, when selecting an app, there are reports that the user has to look twice before the application runs on the device.

For example, Lithuania-based data protection company “Cybernews” reports that exactly 30 applications are hiding in the App Store on iOS and Android devices that want to hurt users. These are mainly the so-called “beauty” apps, which require you to import special camera filters or improve your photos.But these are the obvious features of the application. Often more sleep in the background.
Danger of smartphone app

You can find a detailed list of the 30 apps surveyed below. Particularly negative candidates for the test require more permissions than the user actually needs, and forbid user data, but turn on the camera without sending or asking the user data to the manufacturer. This is also an unknown app. The best manufacturer “Meitu”, hidden behind several iOS and Android applications, has more than 300 million apps installed.
Cyber news experts estimate that these 30 malicious apps, which may contain malware, have been installed more than 1.4 billion times on smartphones. This number is hard to see purely through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Nevertheless, the app is still idle on many devices and can cause damage in the background.
If you have one of the apps on your phone, you need to uninstall the app and find another one.

In the best case, you can scan your device with a virus scanner and find the software in the following downloads.

Full list: Remove these apps more effectively

1. BeautyPlus-Easy Photo Editor and Selfie Camera (Meitu (China) Limited)
2. BeautyCam (Meitu (China) Limited)
3. Beauty Camera-Selfie Camera (InShot Inc)
4. Beauty Camera Plus-Sweet Camera ♥ Makeup Photo (Fantastic Photography-
Beauty Makeup Pro StudioPhotography) 5.Beauty Camera-Selfie Camera & Photo Editor (Sweet Selfie Inc.) 6.Self
Camera-Beauty Camera & Photo Editor (KX Camera Team)
7. YouCam Perfect-Best Selfie & Photo Editor (Perfect Corp.)
8. Sweet Snap-Beauty Selfie Camera & Face Filter (Sweet Chat & Snap App)
9. Sweet Selfie Snap- Sweet Camera, Beauty Cam Snap (Pro Too Movie Apps Good Develop)
10. Beauty Camera-Selfie Camera (Coocent) with Photo Editor
11. Beauty Camera-Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor (KX Camera Team)
12. B612-Beauty & Filter Camera (SNOW, Inc.)
13. Pay Makeup Camera & Beauty Photo Makeup Editor (Alex Joe)
Sweet Selfie-Selfie Camera & Makeup Photo Editor (Sweet Selfie Inc.)
15. Selfie Camera-Beauty Camera & Makeup Camera (PhotoArt Inc.)
16. YouCam Perfect-Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera (Perfect Corp.)
17. Beauty Camera Makeup Face Selfie, Photo Editor (Virgilo Malley)
18. Best App-Top Droid Team
19. Z Beauty Camera (GOMO)
20. HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera (iJoysoft)
21. Candy Camera- Selfie, Beauty Camera, Photo Editor (JP Brothers, Inc.)
22. Makeup Camera Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor (Photo Editor Perfect Corp.)
23. Beauty Selfie Plus-Suite Camera Wonder HD Camera (Sai2D)
24. Selfie Camera-Beauty Camera and AR Stickers (Dream Room)
25. Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor and Selfie Camera (Photo Editor Perfect Corp.)
26. Beauty Camera (Phila AppStore)
27. Bestie-Camera360 Beauty Cam (PinGuo Inc.)
28. Photos side Gas – Beauty Camera (KX camera teams)
Best Makeup Makeup Beauty Camera & Filters (HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds Studio)