Instagram now removes favorite counters around the world.

For months, Instagram decided to test removing the likes from the application. After testing the elimination of this number in some accounts in 6 countries, Instagram decided to test it globally.

In July, Instagram announced that it has begun a new test on the platform. The idea was to remove the favorite counter marks for some accounts. One way to focus more on published content without focusing on what users like.

Initially, this test was conducted in seven countries: Australia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, and Italy. Nevertheless, Instagram announced on Thursday that it would like to push further experiments by expanding into the world.

“Today, we are expanding our personal likes meter test globally. If you participate in the test, the total likes and views of photos and videos posted in your feed are described on Instagram on Twitter.

It’s now expanded to the world but it’s still a test of Instagram. This means that all accounts are unaffected, so social networks need more feedback before considering potential start or deletion of all users.