The new Composition tool , integrated directly into Instagram, allows you to publish between two and six photos in a single story. Until now, it was tricky to display two images at the same time.

This is great news for Instagram fans, posting multiple photos in one story is finally easy. The social network has just rolled out a new function called Composition, which allows you to take several photos in a row and distribute them in a sort of previously designed grid. No need to publish different stories in a row to create a comic effect or to trick with third-party clients (like the Layout application distributed by Instagram), everything is now directly integrated into the application.

To the left of the Instagram feed, in the story section, there is now a Composition option . The latter has only one limitation, it does not allow to import images already present in its photo library. You must necessarily photograph from the Instagram camera. As our colleagues at The Verge remind us , it is always possible to cheat with a simple copy and paste. Indeed, by pasting an image in the text field, the latter appears in Instagram in the form of a flying block.

With this new feature, the very popular Instagram stories (more than 500 million users every day in January 2019) are likely to become even more fun. To your creativity