Instagram allows you to add lyrics to the story.

Instagram announced that it is increasing the ability to display lyrics in the story. This feature will help users decide whether to display lyrics in the story or not. And add a feature of the story to edit the style of the animation text Including other features in Instagram

Users can search for existing songs and select songs that they want to add to the story. We can choose which parts of the song can go (the songs must be in the music library of Instagram). Then we tap the words or sentences of the lyrics. And customize the style of the message as desired

Instagram has recently updated the matchmaker feature. Last year, the company added support for SoundCloud, Spotify and Shazam apps , and earlier this year Instagram added The ability to share what you are watching on Netflix on the match as well

Instagram says that this feature will be available in regions that currently have access to Instagram’s music library. This feature was launched last year.