In the next Google Android OS, the 4GB file size limit for video recording will be removed.

Smartphone cameras are evolving year after year. Many smartphones have begun supporting 4K 60fps as the rear camera for a long time, and Apple’s recently announced iPhone 11 series also supports 4K 60fps video shooting.

However, on Android, you can’t store files larger than 4GB if you’re shooting a video for a long time. Because the Android FAT32 file system cannot recognize large single files larger than 4GB.

Even now, it is possible to shoot more than 4GB video such as 4K video, but the terminal is divided into 4GB units. Uploading to Google Photos as a single file is cumbersome, but you need to use a third-party app to multiplex your MP4 files.

According to foreign sources, Google is updating Android media classes to remove the 32-bit file size limit. A new commit from the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) gerrit revealed that the next Android OS will allow Android to configure / multiplex files larger than 4GB.

The change is expected to be reflected in Android 11 unless there is a problem. The Android 11 beta test is expected to start in March next year.