Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G is now available for sale in many countries, so iFixit will unpack the device to see if the flagship phone at the end of 2019 will be unwrapped for easier repairs. Or harder

For those who think that the phone may be repaired in the future, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G may not be a good friend, as iFixit finds the device to be repaired very difficult. Everything inside has a glue stick attached to the glass back cover. Including the battery that has glue that is hard to connect, almost impossible to change In addition, the screen had to be completely dismantled. To change screenResulting in only 3 points for easy unpacking (a full score of 10 is very easy to repair by yourself). For the motherboard, the top half of the phone is The lower half is almost all batteries. But having a cable connection with Daugtherboard as well, and when glued to the inside of the body, it is difficult to repair it too much for ordinary people to do it themselves.

For the Galaxy Note10 + this will have a new vibration motor. This is the first change in many years since Samsung has only used a single vibration motor in all mobile phones since it was expensive, meaning that Samsung cares about the Haptic Feedback with more levels of vibration.