According to foreign media reports, Hyundai Motor has announced that it has developed a fingerprint authentication car , which will be first applied to the modern Santa Fe model, which is the new innovation ( price 22.48-28.98 million), the new car is expected to launch next year some country in the first quarter.

It is reported that this fingerprint authentication system can be used not only to unlock the door but also to start the vehicle . The user can unlock the door handle sensor by using a pre-registered fingerprint without a key, and the in-vehicle start button is equipped with a fingerprint sensor for recognizing and starting the vehicle.

In addition, the system can simultaneously register fingerprint information of multiple drivers and support personalized driving settings. The driver who has registered the fingerprint can automatically adjust the driver’s seat position and the rearview mirror after being recognized, while Hyundai Motor It also means that individual settings such as temperature and humidity control and steering wheel position adjustment will be added.

As for the safety concerns that people are worried about, it is reported that the system is based on capacitive identification technology, which uses the difference in capacitance caused by fingerprint touch and non-touch parts to distinguish users. The probability of identifying errors is only 50,000, and its security is almost 5 times the average smart key.

Not only that, the system can also learn in real time when the user is using , which further reduces the error rate and improves the safety performance.