“Hulk screen” in Galaxy S20 Ultra A green surface problem occurs, is it due to the latest update

It seems that there is a large number of so-called “Hulk screen” defects that cause the screen to turn green in this top model Galaxy S20 Ultra .

At least 10 or more reports of similar symptoms have been posted on the official forum.

This problem, apparently, has happened since the latest update that came with the security patch for April the other day.

Therefore, it seems likely that it is a software defect for now.

In addition, it is especially noticeable when the display refresh rate is 120Hz or when the screen brightness is relatively low.

Furthermore, it seems that it is occurring only in the Exynos-equipped version so far.

By the way, the Galaxy S20 Ultra has no plans for domestic release so far.
However, there is only one case, but there is also a symptom report on Galaxy S20 with Exynos version, so it is possible that this is not model dependent but firmware version dependent.

In that case, even in the domestic version, there is a possibility that similar problems will occur with the April security update.

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