Huawei uses AI to help process CT Scan images, detecting COVID-19 up to 98% accuracy.

Huawei, a Chinese manufacturer of networking equipment and telecommunications equipment. Has partnered with Huiying Medical Technology to bring Huawei Cloud or Cloud Computing technology using AI together with CT Scan to scan COVID-19 virus in patients with accuracy up to 98%. In the hospital in the Philippines and Ecuador is completed

Initially, a medical team member from Baguio Hospital in the Philippines Tested with the Huawei CT Scan and found that it really works. The machine uses AI processing to detect the COVID-19 virus, which accelerates the image analysis process faster. Reduce the workload of doctors In the future, the Philippines will start to install additional equipment to cover the whole country. And offer a free inspection service for the public as well

At the same time, a hospital in Ecuador has just received the Huawei CT Scan, with the installation time of only 14 hours. Which, when many countries see the coolness of this technology, they have contacted Huawei to use with their own country Which is currently in the process of being implemented

However, we hope that Thailand has good tools Like this, some use Greatly reduces the burden of medical personnel Today, the number of patients increases every day. Seeing really tired for you doctor