Huawei prepares to develop a map system with partners to challenge Google Maps but focuses more on developers than general users.

China’s state news agency, China Daily reported that Huawei is in the process of developing a map system. By focusing on the developers to use more than is intended for the general public to use directly

Huawei executives revealed to the China Daily news agency that this map is called Map Kit designed to allow developers to use navigation in the app. Such as Uber car sharing app or hotel like In addition, Map Kit will also support AR, but it doesn’t explain what the Map Kit AR is like. Is it the same as Google has just released?

For the data on the map, Huawei uses a handshake approach with various partners, whether it’s Yandex for maps in Russia or creating their own because Huawei is a telecommunications company. Means that you can use data from satellites to create maps yourself

However, to create a map, one system requires both time, data, and money. The oldest of the large numbers now is that Google started to develop Google Maps since 2005 and has invested in data for a long time. And the purchase of various companies Related to the map, to strengthen the army (such as KeyHole before becoming a satellite map or Waze that is used to navigate). There are also Street View maps in many countries that make travel more difficult than ever.

The next thing that is not mentioned, it would not be. Apple Maps has been open since 2012, beginning with the purchase of data from many other companies, such as TomTom or OpenStreetMap. And many other partners in many countries, but to date it is still unable to correct the map Or close to Google Maps. Until recently, there was news that the map was being improved for the United States to be more accurate. (No other country has data). Another long-lived and large database, such as the latest Nokia Here Maps, was bought by the German Car Dealers Association for a value of $ 3 billion in 2015, used to be The main map in Microsoft Bing Maps as well

The source reported that the Map Kit will be officially released to developers in October this year. Will have map data from 150 countries and support over 40 languages