Huawei is planning to release more devices that use HarmonyOS next year. And will enter the global market But there are still no plans to change to use their own mobile phones, tablets and computers to use this developed OS. Huawei states that there will not be a smartphone with a Harmony operating system in the year. this Including next year too

The company plans to launch external devices such as smartwatch (although Huawei smartwatch is currently using LiteOS). Huawei is planning to build smart speakers and VR devices that will run on Harmony operating system including Smart TV as well and will launch in Europe as well as Honor Vision

While the plan is to develop HarmonyOS into a full operating system for Huawei smartphones At this time, the Android operating system is still being used. Only need to find an application to replace Google Mobile Services. Huawei currently has to rely on extensions to be able to use technology and services from companies in the United States.