Huawei P40 Pro will use a 16-pixel Quad Quad Bayer sensor as one to get brighter light.

The latest rumors of the Huawei P40 Pro reveal that this phone will use the main camera as a 52 Megapixel (1 / 1.33) sensor manufactured by SONY and use a technique called 16-in-1.

16-in-1, also known as the Quad Quad Bayer, is a combination of 4 pixels as one To increase the aperture But instead of doing it once, this time, Huawei does it twice. Makes use of all 16 pixels to receive the light So even in low light conditions still get a bright image

When calculating, the image from the 52 Megapixel sensor is only 3.25 Megapixel, which if taking Full HD video, it is called ample. As for still photography, may use the Quad Bayer setting once to 13 Megapixel instead.

For another news, the Huawei P40 Pro is expected to use a camera with 10x optical zoom capability using two Prism.Unlike the previous Periscope technique with a single Prism, which should take up more space. But it is likely because we saw in the picture that the back has more space for the camera

Previously, Huawei has secretly registered with many names, including Quad Curve Overflow (possibly a curved screen on all four sides), Ultra Vision camera, Ultra Vision Sensor and Plus 5G AR. We expect that Heard at the launch event about March, what are the capabilities that will be registered?