Huawei P40 Pro No.1 On DxOMark Website With 128 Camera Rating

The flagship phone, the god of the camera series Huawei P40, just launched a few days ago. With a high-end specification And of course, comes with a pro-level camera that has been upgraded up from the original model Whether it is a camera that can zoom up to 10x optical zoom and digital zoom up to 100x, etc. The latest website, DxOMark, has revealed the camera performance of the P40 Pro. It has reached 128 points, defeating other flagship handsets Back up to win the championship again.

First of all, let’s see how the Huawei P40 Pro has a camera specification.


  • 4 rear cameras (including ToF sensor)
  • 50MP (f / 1.9) main camera, 1 / 1.28 inch sensor, 23mm focus distance, full-pixel Octa-PD system, OIS image stabilization
  • Ultra wide 40MP camera (f / 1.8), 1 / 1.54 inch sensor, 18mm focus distance, PDAF
  • Telephoto 12MP (f / 3.4) camera, 1 / 3.56 inch sensor, 125mm focus distance, PDAF, OIS stabilizer
  • 78 ° wide angle ToF sensor
  • LED flash
  • Capture video up to 4K 60fps, default 1080p 30fps.
  • Color temperature sensor

DxOMark says that this phone With a main camera that provides a very wide dynamic range and also has a system to deal with Noise as well Allowing it to shoot superb images in all lighting conditions Regardless of the bright light Or completely dark

The zoom system is excellent, whether zooming in close distances or long distances can still capture the details of the image as well. While also dealing with Noise under control

There is a little flaw in the Ultra wide lens with a focal length of 18 mm, which is shot at a narrower angle than the mobile phone competitors. But can handle the edges well Not distorted until in the wrong part

Bokeh photography or clear face after blurred. Can do it very well Whether it’s cutting edge objects, details and Dynamic Range

The Autofocus system at DxOMark praised the P40 Pro as one of the best handsets ever tested. Regardless of whether it is used for a particular shooting test Or will be taking pictures from actual use

And it’s not just about shooting still good pictures, but the P40 Pro can also shoot video as well. DxOMark says that it’s almost impossible to find weaknesses in video recording. Including exposure and dynamic range at the highest level, including the White Balance and the color that comes out very accurately. In addition, the Autofocus system is as good as stills shooting at both speed and accuracy. The vibration stabilizer system is stable.

DxOMark gave the Huawei P40 Pro a high score. With a still shooting score of 140 and a video shooting of 105, calculated as The overall score is 128 points , winning the best camera phone of the DxOMark website, leaving former champion OPPO Find X2 Pro , Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro at 124 points.

Still … it’s not all because DxOMark also tested the Huawei P40 Pro selfie camera with 103 points out of the top 1 on the DxOMark website as well (2nd place nova 6 got 100 Score, 3rd place, Galaxy Note 10+, get 99 points) with quite a full front camera specification as this ..


  • Dual front camera
  • 32MP (f / 2.2) main camera, 1 / 2.74 inch sensor, 26mm focus distance, autofocus lens
  • IR 3D sensor for autofocus And capture the depth
  • Take selfie video in 4K / 2160p 30fps

DxOMark says that the P40 Pro’s selfie camera is outstanding in exposure, color, noise management, flash, and blurry foreground shots that do very well. Because of its ability to capture the depth of the IR sensor, which makes the cutting edge of the object And blurring the background very natural There is also a very good Dynamic Range as well. There will be criticism about taking a selfie in low light that is still not doing well.

As for taking a 4K selfie video, it is well done. But still not very good Because of various details Still not quite sharp If compared with other mobile phones That can shoot 4K selfie video

Almost could say that it did not really flip For camera phones like the Huawei P40 Pro, which often brings high-end camera technology to fans. Have a buzz every time … Now there will be another top model like the P40 Pro + that has not been tested. And there is another competitor like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which should have equally powerful cameras. To wait to follow again

More information: DxOMark

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