Huawei has filed a trademark application for Hongmeng OS in Europe: Harmony

Huawei has submitted a trademark application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office for Huawei Mobile and computer operating system Hongmeng OS, applying for the trademark “Harmony”, applying The date is July 12, 2019 and is currently under review. The previous “Ark” will be the code name of Huawei’s operating system “Harmony” in the global market.

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According to Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, the Hongmeng system was developed for the Internet of Things and is used for low-latency scenarios such as autonomous driving and telemedicine.Huawei’s mobile phone still regards the open Android system and ecology as the first choice. If the United States does not allow Huawei to use Android, whether Huawei will develop Hongmeng into a mobile phone system has not yet been determined.