SD Association, the agency that controls the standards of various SD memory cards, has released the Huawei name from the website after the US government issued a ban on businesses with Huawei.

On the FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) indicate that members of the association are involved in the design, development And producing SD cards that use standard SD cards, whether large SD cards or MicroSD that are widely used on mobile phones And when any company Lost the membership of the SD Association and was unable to produce Or sell products that use standard SD Card

The Android Authority website asked the SD Association and received an answer confirming that the reason for the removal of Huawei was due to a statement from the US government. The Huawei spokesman responded that the mobile phone with the SD slot will continue to be used in the future, even if the operating system is updated. But refused to answer the question of whether the mobile phone that will be released after this will support SD Card / MicroSD?