Huawei develops breakthrough camera system

A patent just approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) gives users a glimpse into the future of a 3D camera system that could come to Huawei smartphones.
According to Blazetrends , based on what is described in the mentioned document, Huawei ‘s new camera system will be able to recognize the user’s face in three-dimensional space, which makes us think of the Face system. ID developed by Apple.

Huawei’s new system aims to recognize different facial patterns, namely pore condition, tone, redness, acne, wrinkles, blackheads… With companion software In its operation, the smartphone will provide tips to improve the quality of the

Huawei develops breakthrough camera system

Besides, this innovative camera system can also take regular photos as is. It will be placed in a circular module as shown in the article image. This circular module will be in the center of the rear panel of the smartphone and will house three sensors and a dual flash. In the center, there will be a secondary screen that supports taking selfies with the device’s main camera system.

The question is what could motivate Huawei to develop such camera technology. Basically, it shows the company is exploring new technology , but its implementation on smartphones is not guaranteed yet.

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