In dealing with the outbreak, “COVID-19”, the National Health Commission (NHC) stated in its official report. About the methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases Which was published on February 4, 2020. Computer X-ray Diagnosis (CT) is one of the standard methods for diagnosing Covid-19 disease. In Hubei Province, China, which is one of the methods used to help diagnose and treat the disease

CT examination can diagnose and process quickly and efficiently. Due to the large number of lesions in the lungs and can change quickly Therefore have to check repeatedly and read the image many times within a short time Which is a huge increase of work for radiologists What’s worse is the number of radiologists who can analyze and diagnose Covid-19 disease. Accuracy is not enough. The effectiveness of the diagnosis cannot be greatly enhanced.

Technology and the company Lanwon Technology develop and launch a quantitative medical image analysis AI assistant service for Covid-19 disease. With HUAWEI CLOUD’s leading AI technology, such as computer vision and medical image analysis The service is able to report CT quantification to radiologists and physicians automatically, quickly and accurately, helping to correct a shortage of radiologists who can accurately diagnose Covid-19, as well as reduce pressure in the field of work. Detention of patients And greatly reduces the workload of doctors The service also leverages the powerful computing capabilities of Huawei’s Ascend series AI to achieve fast results and reduce processes. (Quantization) of a case in just a few seconds. The system using “AI + medical diagnosis” is ten times faster than quantitative analysis of images alone.

HUAWEI CLOUD uses computer vision and medical image analysis to distinguish between large ground glass opacities (GGOs) and the integration of lung tissue. The consolidation then analyzes the quantitative results from the patient’s lung CT examination. The process combines medical and laboratory data to help doctors more precisely identify the disease. In the initial stage, aggressive phase or severe phase Also helps to screen and prevent disease control in the beginning For cases that have already been confirmed in the hospital The AI Assistant Service will be able to register and analyze quantitative data on 4D dynamic data obtained from repeated checks in a short amount of time. Helps doctors efficiently assess patient symptoms and the effects of medication

From the analysis of the case of the virus infected with Covid-19 And hundreds of uninfected cases Quantitative Detection Services with HUAWEI CLOUD’s AI Assistant has achieved industry-leading Dice Similarity Coefficient (DICE is the overlap between predicted lesions and lesions). And actual achieving Absolute Volume Difference (AVD) or quantitative differences between predicted lesions and actual lesions In the identification of the area of the lesion. The results are highly consistent with accurate hand drawings by doctors. In addition, with Huawei’s Ascend AI series chips, the service can tell CT Quantification results. Within seconds When compared to the previous method, doctors must draw the area of interest (ROI) by themselves in order to analyze quantitative results. This service can significantly enhance the efficiency of the detection of pathogens.

Service “AI + CT”, which analyzes medical images for the diagnosis of Covid-19 Developed and built on the HUAWEI CLOUD medical image analysis platform, EIHealth, the platform uses the HUAWEI CLOUD AI Ascend Cluster Service and ModelArts, the complete AI development and management platform for data governance. ) And specify the name of the data type (data labeling) fully integrated with medical images, training and evaluation from the model And rendering as an image To support efficient technology for universities and hospitals With AI processing technology, platforms and the power of large-scale algorithms

Recently, HUAWEI CLOUD has been working with a variety of industries to carry out a number of AI-based scientific research projects on the disease.Covid-19, HUAWEI CLOUD also revealed the results of a large-scale drug test using computers. In collaboration with several scientific research institutions, HUAWEI CLOUD also collaborates with Yiwise to provide intelligent systems for tracking epidemics. Which provides services to many organizations and institutions free of charge. Prior to the end of the outbreak, HUAWEI CLOUD will provide quantitative infection testing with AI Assistants to designated hospitals for free. And in the future, HUAWEI CLOUD will continue to upgrade the assistant diagnostics system to cover all lung diseases. (Including pneumonia, lung spots and lung cancer) to be able to screen and treat early

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