HTC U12+ finally updated Android 9.0 pull, originally wanted to say that it will drag longer, but did not expect to be updated at the end of June, although the update to 9.0will not make much difference in normal applications , but the new system is always It’s very happy , but before U11 there was a new disaster, so I had a little backup of the chat history before this update. It’s important to prepare for the update, but this update is all right, but it’s more energy-efficient or software. It still takes a while to check if the operation has compatibility problems. If there are any related problems, I will update them in this article .

6/30 update
I am currently experiencing problems
1. I can’t wake up during standby.

(Met twice yesterday, both reboot solved)
2. After the update is complete, the camera will default to the interior space, then select the external memory card will be executed underperforming , but you can still take pictures normal (only once)

users Encountered problems
1. Memory card appears to require formatting (mobile 01)
2. Camera can not be archived on the memory card , save photo error (mobile 01)
3. The icon becomes larger (some netizens say that changing to QHD resolution can be solved) (I didn’t encounter this situation) (mobile 01)

finally jumped out of the update, really happy. (File size is about 1.06G)