HTC releases Vive Sync as an open beta. VR meeting software currently only works with Vive headsets, but support for other hardware will follow in the future. There will also be a PC viewer for users without a VR headset.

HTC was already working on Vive Sync before the corona pandemic, but now that many people are working from home, the software can come in handy following the company and that is why the business software has been released as an open beta . Companies can use the software for free this year.

Vive Sync supports thirty participants, all of whom must have an HTC headset. The virtual meeting environment offers presentation options and integration with OneDrive. Virtual meeting participants can take notes using speech recognition or a virtual pen. Participants can also take screenshots.

The presenter can show a PowerPoint presentation or slides from a PDF in Vive Sync. It is also possible to import 3D models and participants can then walk around it virtually. There is support for fxb and obj files and Unity AssetBundles. By taking a selfie, participants can personalize their own avatar.

In a press release, HTC writes that support for VR headsets from other brands is planned. The company specifically mentions the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the Valve Index. HTC is also working on a viewer for users who do not have a VR headset. It is not known when those additions will be released.