HTC Desire 20 Pro experience review

My dad needs a cell phone with a large enough battery to use it at work, but after all, it’s just for work. I
don’t want to spend too much money to buy a flagship of 30,000 or 40,000. I decided to buy a few thousand to use it.

The final choice Desire 20 Pro, with a large amount of 5000 in the budget to
actually, use him, my dad said that the battery life is really strong.

My dad works to run around, put on the car to navigate, contact customers, and still have 40~ power about 50% of
the middle do not have to charge it easy to buy the blue, but in this grey, light shot up as if the deity actually good texture, similar to U11 deep blue and then a little bit of back and forth add up to a total of five shots and keep Headphone jack if I don’t feel much about the headphone jack, I’m
used to the sound quality of SONIC.

This sounds like a pop. The front screen has become open-hole.

I hope that one day I can see that the front screen has narrow sides above and now. The screen stand is taller, there is still a little at the bottom of the bottom, but it must be said that the battery is large and the weight is also a

few photos straight out to see