HTC Announces Three Flagship Android Pie Upgrade Plans.

HTC today announced on Twitter the three flagship models U11, U11+ and U12+ Android 9.0 Pie update plan, according to the description, these three models will update Android 9.0 in the second quarter of this year Pie, the specific time has yet to be arranged by operators in various regions.According to previous news, as of the 28-week period of February 28, HTC’s smartphone and VR headset sales revenue were only $20.2 million, a record low, down from the historical low of $32.7 million in January. %the above. To make matters worse, its year-on-year decline was even greater, up to 76%, and HTC’s revenue before December was $84.7 million.

The company said in December 2018 that its focus in 2019 will shift to profitability and regain market share, which will be achieved by releasing high-end flagship products and a variety of mid-range products later this year.

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