How to use and customize the mouse cursor on the iPad after updating to use iPadOS 13.4.

iPadOS 13.4 helps iPad support full mouse compatibility. Specifically, the trackpad support for Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro or third-party keyboard cases, including Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

Before scrolling down to see what the iPad can do with the mouse cursor Must know first what iPad models that support iPadOS 13.4

iPadOS 13.4 is compatible with iPad with the following list.

iPad Pro

iPad mini (4th generation and later)

iPad Air (2nd generation and higher)

iPad (5th generation and newer)

After the iPad has been updated to the iPadOS version 13.4, device owners will be able to use the mouse cursor with their fingertips. Whether pressing buttons, switching apps, editing text, but the way you use it is not the same on a PC or Mac.

Cursor usage Need to pair iPad with a mouse or trackpad. Whether it’s a Bluetooth connection or a cable, including a keyboard with a built-in trackpad

How to use the cursor on the iPad

The default value of the cursor is displayed in a small, gray, and translucent circle. As with a PC, the cursor can change its shape. Depending on which element is floating above And can click to select, right click to open the menu And can scroll the screen When tapping two fingers on the trackpad

When moving the cursor all the way to the bottom edge This will open the Dock or slide to the right of the screen all the way to the edge to display the Slide Over app.

Users can move the cursor all the way to the top edge to access the Notification Center or click the status icon in the top right corner to bring up the Control Center and right click to see more details.

The trackpad also supports gestures or Gestures, such as switching apps that are open. By swiping three fingers to the left or right, use three fingers and pinch to close the current app and open the tray. Multitasking, use three fingers to swipe up and close the current application.

How to change cursor tracking speed

Go to the Settings app> Accessibility> Pointer Control.

Drag the Scrolling Speed tab to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse cursor or trackpad.

The initial velocity is gradually low. To increase the speed, drag the scrolling speed bar to the right or to the rabbit.

In this section, the user can enable or disable the Trackpad Inertia feature, which is the inertia of the trackpad. And the default is enabled, meaning that the cursor can move slightly after lifting the finger If you are annoyed you can choose to turn it off.

How to change trackpad settings on iPad

If using the trackpad on the iPad with the Magic Trackpad or the Magic Keyboard for iPad, you’ll find a sub-menu for setting up the trackpad by going to Settings> General> Trackpad.

In this section you will find the cursor tracking speed setting. Without having to go into settings in Accessibility

Natural scrolling option for changing the trackpad’s vertical scrolling method. Users can try to enable or disable To see how it works for you

The Tap-to-Click option, once opened, will help click faster. Just touch lightly on the trackpad.

The Two-Finger Secondary Click option is a right-click. When tapping two fingers on the trackpad

How to customize the cursor display

The iPad’s cursor isn’t the same as the familiar mouse cursor on a PC. It’s a small gray circle. Simulated from the size of the fingertip But can change shape Depending on which part the cursor hovers over And to make the cursor look easier Users can adjust the contrast, change the size, and add colorful borders.

To change the cursor size to be larger or smaller, go to Settings> Accessibility> Pointer Control and adjust the size by moving the Pointer Size tab.

The Color menu is an option to change the border color of the cursor.

Automatically Hide Pointer to set the cursor display delay after inactivity

The use of cursors and trackpads on the iPad supports most of the basic applications of iPadOS. Third-party applications Apple is releasing an SDK or program development kit for developers. Use it to improve your own application To support advanced cursor features

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