It is known that Huawei Mate 30 Pro will not come with Google Play Services because the United States has a commercial law, so Google can not enable Huawei to use services from Google, which Huawei itself. preparation Huawei mobile service (HMS) provides application functionality to which today launched a smartphone version. Huawei also announced that there are various popular applications. Already in Thailand As well as various banking applications, of course, if anyone has bought the device, can download and install via HMS, but if anyone wants to install more to use the Google Play Store, retrieve contacts, Calendar and Gmail, see below.


  • Backing up data via Phone Clone.
  • Must have a flash drive with an OTG header or can use an external memory card NM Card.
  • Extract the file to the outside of the flash drive or NM Card. Download at
  • Must reset the factory settings before doing only If the app is installed, it cannot be used. Need to be completely reset
  • Must have internet from SIM (4G) or Wi-Fi to use the internet in the last step
  • If anyone is going to make a Phone Clone retrieve the information back Can be done after installing every step in the clip

Note – This method is currently available. The future may change. And if a factory reset If you want to use it, you have to do it all over again