Does your MacBook Pro shut down randomly even if it has a long battery life? you are not alone; Reports on premature shutdowns of MacBook Pro appear in various forums and support threads. So far, Apple has seen random shutdown behaviour on 13-inch MacBook Pros in 2019, but Mashable reports similar issues with 13-inch MacBook Pro models in 2017, so bugs may be far more widespread than Apple has admitted. far. Here is a quick fix. Strangely simple. After starting, you should close and disable your MacBook Pro for a few hours. If you need a MacBook for work or study, it’s best to run this whimsical fix overnight.

Disconnect your MacBook Pro from the charging cable and leave it on until the battery life drops below 90%.
When it’s less than 90%, plug in your MacBook Pro’s charging cable.
Close all open apps. You can quickly force quit everything by pressing Option + Command + Esc and then clicking “Force Quit” next to the app name.
Close your MacBook Pro to put it to sleep. Close and plug in your laptop and let it charge for at least 8 hours.
After charging your laptop for at least 8 hours, open the laptop and install the latest macOS update if possible.] If
you have followed these steps and your MacBook Pro still shuts down randomly, you should contact Apple Support for further assistance.