How to enable Edge Browser Performance Mode

Performance Mode is the optimized performance mode of the recently released Edge browser, the article will guide how to enable it.
Microsoft is working hard to make Edge the best browser. So this browser is rolling out updates with new features and one of them is “Performance Mode”. However, this feature is in beta and is only available in Microsoft Edge Canary.
The feature’s purpose is to optimize your CPU, RAM and Battery to give you long battery life without affecting the speed of your computer. Besides, if you enable Performance Mode, the Sleeping Tabs feature’s timeout will automatically “sleep” at 5 minutes, instead of waiting longer when the tab is inactive.
How to enable Performance Mode
• Right-click on the Edge browser icon and choose Properties.
• Next, add the following configuration command line to the Target box in the Properties panel:
–enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle
• At this time, the path in the Target box will have the following format:

C: \ Users \\ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Edge SxS \ Application \ msedge.exe “–enable-features = msPerformanceModeToggle• After adding, press OK to save the settings.• Start Edge browser, select the horizontal ellipsis icon from the right corner of the window and click Settings.

• Choose System, under Optimize Performance, click the drop-down menu and choose Always On.So have completed activating the Performance Mode on the Edge browser.