How to create your own sticker on WhatsApp

Whatsapp Popular messaging platform WhatsApp recently enabled stickers on the app. Users can now send stickers to one another. But what if you could create your own custom stickers? Well, there’s an easy way to do it, you can easily create your own personalized stickers and send them to your friends. It’s simple and you can do it in no time

  1. get started first up go to the GooglePlay Store and download the sticker maker app by V CO and co or click on the link in the description below from your Android smartphone to install the app or
  2. once installed open the app and tap on create a new sticker pack
  3. once done open the sticker pack that you just created and you’ll be greeted with an empty screen first tap on the tray I can hoptop to add a placeholder image for the sticker pack over here you can either take a photo or select a file in either cases grant access to the app by tapping allowed now once your file is selected draw an outline in the area that you want to create as your sticker once done tap on yes face sticker after this you’ll now be able to add up to 30 personalized stickers to your sticker pack to get started repeat the previous steps like you created the tray icon
  4. now once you have created your stickers tap on the publish sticker pack I can in the bottom right corner tapping that will get another prompt asking if you want to publish it click on yes publish and on the next prompt tap on Add to meet the
  5. sticker pack accessible on whatsapp now open a chat on whatsapp and go to the stickers menu and you’ll notice your newly created both ‘light stickers will now appear alongside the other sticker pack



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Link:- sticker maker app