How strong is the OPPO 10x hybrid optical zoom? Let’s check it out.

Just now, OPPO has demonstrated a mobile phone that supports full-featured 5G and 10x hybrid optical zoom technology in Barcelona, Spain. This is also the world’s first 10x zoom phone with a periscope telephoto lens design. The conference Specially announced that the 10x hybrid optical zoom technology has matured in 2019.

It can be said that the Office again promoted the leap-forward development of mobile photography. OPPO’s 10-fold hybrid optical zoom prototype released this time will also become a milestone in the history of mobile phone development.

Since then, the smartphone has finally officially opened the technology road of a variable optical telephoto lens.

Before we look at the proofs, let’s talk about what is the 10x hybrid open tical zoom technology. Before OPPO released the technology, mainstream mobile phones on the market used multiple lenses with different focal lengths and switched through multiple focal lengths through multi-lens focusing to achieve a lossless optical zoom function.
This zoom scheme is much better than the previous digital zoom, but the zoom is still limited to a few fixed focal lengths, and the telephoto is only about 3 times at most. If the zoom level is higher than the telephoto lens, the screen The quality will still be very large.

To solve this problem, OPPO redesigned the heavy telephoto lens, refracting light with a movable prism, and placing a large telephoto module laterally inside the fuselage. In order to achieve better telephoto shooting with the prism module, OPPO also deliberately designed the telephoto lens into a square shape. This iconic design may be a point of differentiation for the 2019 OPPO handset.

OPPO also customized the “D-cut” optical lens for the module, just like cutting two knives in parallel on the circular lens to further reduce the thickness of the telephoto lens module.

This enables a 10x hybrid optical zoom to be inserted into the slim body. Let’s take a look at the proofs.

Ordinary photo

10x zoom
Ordinary photo
10x zoom

The proofs are very intuitive. If you don’t say that you are using a mobile phone, I believe everyone thinks that they use professional SLR photos. Even when we were on the spot to experience the prototype, we once wondered if the zoom effect was true.

It can be seen that the 10x hybrid optical zoom can also obtain clear pictures even when photographed under 10x zoom conditions, and the zoom capability has not been compared with the existing mobile phones for a generation. It’s like taking a photo with 48 million pixels today, comparing the feeling of the 2013 Lumia 1020 with 41 million pixels. Let’s continue to look at the proofs.

Ultra wide-angle lens shooting

10x zoom shooting

It can be seen that under the 10x zoom, the photographs taken did not show any blurring of the edges, and the images were sharpened and smeared. The whole photo is very clear, which is impossible to achieve with traditional mobile phones, even photos that we could not have imagined before.

We all know that telephoto lenses are more susceptible to camera body shake. Without excellent anti-shake capability, pictures are very blurry in 10x telephoto mode. If you don’t do anti-shake, the imaging advantages brought by the optical telephoto lens will certainly not exist.

To this end, OPPO has designed a dual OIS anti-shake technology, not only can control the telephoto lens of the telephoto lens to compensate for the jitter, but also control the frame of the main lens, so that the entire module is offset in the x, y-axis, compensating for shooting. Jitter.

Thanks to this dual anti-shake design, OPPO’s 10x zoom is 75% better than the previous 5x hybrid optical technology. It can be said that today’s 10 times mixed light to change, truly has the commercial value, let’s look at a set of proofs.

Super wide angle shooting
10x telephoto shooting

How much change can the 10x hybrid optical technology bring to the camera? I believe I don’t have to explain too much. You can pull your mobile phone to 10x zoom and take a photo.

In addition to excellent anti-shake for a stable photo experience for telephoto, OPPO also integrated super wide angle into this zoom system. Complementing the consumer’s need for “full focal length” imaging capabilities in daily life. Let’s take a look at the super wide-angle proofs.

Super wide angle shooting
10x telephoto shooting

It can be seen that in the picture taken by the 10x hybrid optical zoom, the top detail of the church is very clear. You can even see the texture of the decoration, which is not possible with ordinary mobile phones. We also have a sample of the real machine, you can look at it.

Ordinary camera mode
5x zoom mode
10x zoom mode

With 10x hybrid optical zoom, OPPO has improved the field of view of mobile phones. This ability is not available to other mobile phone manufacturers in the world. As a pioneer in mobile video technology, OPPO took the lead in breaking through the dilemma of the thin shape of mobile phones and the inability of multiple zooms to coexist. OPPO’s new technology also allows us to see the infinite possibilities of mobile video technology.