How long does coronavirus survive on your smartphone? You won’t believe this.

Coronavirus is transmitted by droplet infection. If someone has it and coughs or speaks to you near you, there is a great risk of transmission. Unfortunately, people now underestimate the fact that a simple contact with a contaminated object may suffice for infection . The chance is less, but it exists. We found out how much coronavirus can last on a smartphone and how to disinfect it.

Transmission of COVID-19 is also possible through objects.

The Institute of Allergy and Infection Researchers (NIAID) points out that severe respiratory disease COVID-19 remains infectious on many surfaces and in the air for quite some time .

Various materials such as plastics, stainless steel, copper or cardboard , which we should meet in hospitals, have passed the tests . Exactly these surfaces, however, can also be found on objects that we use every day for several hours of taste. We are talking about iPhone, Apple Watch and so on.

How long does coronavirus live on the iPhone?

You are most interested in this question and not in a few minutes. According to researchers, COVID-19 can survive 2 or 3 days in extreme cases (under optimum conditions) on plastic or stainless steel! Of course, these numbers will vary depending on the temperature or humidity, for example.- Advertising –

As far as cardboard is concerned, the service life is slightly shorter here. He knows about 24 hours to survive. Copper is the best on the individual surfaces, which can hardly do 4 hours. According to experts, the coronavirus is held in the air. Its particles can be present for up to 3 hours! However, it is unlikely to protect too much (only with masks and respirators).

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