In July this year, Sony released a new generation of stacked CMOS-IMX586 for smart phone platform, owned as many as 48 megapixel effective pixel resolution of 8000×6000, the highest for the industry. In addition, the sensor is 1/2 inch and the unit pixel is 0.8μm, which is also the world’s first.

One of the highlights of the IMX586 is that the pixels use the Quad Bayer array, which is four-pixel-in-one (12 million pixels equivalent) in low-light environments to boost brightness and reduce noise.

Honor View 20

In this afternoon’s honor new product and technology conference, honor announced that Kirin 980’s new flagship honor View 20 (released on the 26th) will launch the world’s first 48 megapixel AI ultra-clear photography, which is equipped with this IMX586.

Honor officially said that the IMX586’s 48-megapixel, 1/2-inch sensor’s powerful hardware foundation, with Kirin 980, increased pixel throughput by 46%, AI imaging capability by 134%, and support for 4x hardware HDR.

sony IMX586

For video, the IMX 586 supports up to 4K 90FPS and slow-motion video supports 720P 480FPS.

Prior to this, only the IMX600 (40 million, 1/1.73 inch, single pixel 1μm) equipped with the Huawei P20 Pro was comparable to the IMX586, and each had its own advantages. The IMX586 is higher, while the IMX600 wins in pixels and sensors, while the latter has 960FPS slow motion.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi also officially announced a new 48 megapixel mobile, which may be the Sony IMX586 and Samsung ISOCELL Plus GM1. By then, Xiaomi and honor will inevitably compete.