Huawei honor V20 and xiaomi independent brand redmi launched 48 megapixel camera smartphone at the starting of this year.

The honor V20 uses a Sony IMX 586 sensor on the other hand redmi note 7 uses Samsung GM1 sensor.Both smartphone are capable of taking good images.

Now,Let’s find out which 48 megapixel is better in terms of camera performance.

If you use digital zoom, you can see that the honor V20 is better, and its details are even better. After all, the V20 uses the Sony IMX586 sensor with higher quality.
In outdoor environment both redmi Note7 and honor V20 support 48 MP to 12 megapixels of super-sampling for even more subtle effects, so this scene does not seem to have much difference.
At 1080P/30fps video capture screenshot shows that the trunk of the honor V20 is clearer and the overall effect is better. It is not difficult to see through the above sample, the Samsung GM1 sensor used in Redmi Note7 and the Sony IMX586 are 48 megapixels, 1/2 inch, but the gap still exists.
Macro shoot, red rice Note7 also showed a high quality images In addition, the white balance and color performance of Redmi Note7 is more realistic.