Saturday, March 21, Google launched the website That focuses on users in the United States With recommendations on corona viruses and testing Because the United States Is working to slow the spread of the virus that has many infected people

The website will provide information on COVID-19, transmission, prevention methods, treatment videos, prevention tips, statistics, videos on how to live, work, exercise and cook, as well as donations to the World Health Organization and Google revealed that in a few days, the website will be available in many languages and countries.

Last Sunday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai posted on the blog that Google has partnered with the US government. When creating a website that will be launched by March 16

As you know, the launch has been delayed due to guidance from Sunday to Monday, Google revealed that it will begin Tested in the San Francisco Bay Area But the US president Have announced that it will be used at the national level, and later Google has said that the website will be launched a week later

In some countries, false news about the corona virus has spread, causing anxiety among people. Which the officials must follow up and arrest the offender would not be able Therefore, spreading the right information helps fake news to become less important and will disappear.