Here comes the DXO score of the ROG Phone II: not as bad as everyone thinks

Recently, DxO Mark announced the score of ROG Phone II, with a total score of 95 points. Compared with the current flagship mobile phone of 120+, it seems a bit low, but don’t forget that the iPhone 8 Plus has a DxO score of only 94 points.

Photo score is 97 points Video score is 92 points

According to DxO Mark, the ROG Phone II has a fairly good white balance performance. The disadvantages are mainly a slight orange color cast indoors, a relatively pink color cast outdoors, and a slight shift in dynamic range and exposure. Low, insufficient color saturation and inaccurate colors in low light environments. However, the camera has a great performance in terms of autofocus. With sufficient outdoor and indoor light, the noise performance is quite good. DxO Mark therefore gave a score of 97 points.

ROG Phone II uses the world’s highest-frequency Snapdragon 855 Plus chip (2.9GHz), with a 120Hz refresh rate and a screen response time as low as 1ms, and supports 10bit color depth and HDR. In terms of taking pictures, the rear camera has a dual camera configuration. The main camera uses a 48-megapixel IMX586 sensor, and the sub camera is a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens.

As a mobile phone that focuses on gaming, ROG Phone II is not known for taking pictures, but its performance is enough to meet the needs of daily photography.