OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. announced today that it successfully opened the world’s first 5G mobile phone WeChat video call at 0:57 am. Engineers from OPPO’s six global research institutes witnessed and shouted “Hello OPPO, Hello 5G” .

As can be seen from the video released by OPPO, this 5G WeChat video call is based on the complete 5G prototype of the OPPO commercial form, which lasts for more than 17 minutes in a 5G bandwidth 5G environment. The R&D staff of OPPO’s six global research institutes are connected globally, enabling multi-person video calls with smooth and low latency.

As a pioneer of 5G, OPPO took the lead in opening 5G signaling and data links in August, and achieved 5G mobile Internet access in October. The completion of this call once again demonstrates the technological leadership in OPPO 5G mobile phone R&D. It marks OPPO’s further low-latency, high-bandwidth network features in 5G, making OPPO the world’s first and even the first in 2019. The goal of launching commercial 5G mobile phones is even further.