Hackers show off Windows 10 skills on iPhone X without Jailbreak

Who says the iPhone X must work on the iOS operating system alone? The latest Hacking Jules channel on YouTube has proven that the iPhone X can run on the Windows 10 operating system as well, and there is no need to Jailbreak.

Hacking Jules has demonstrated the iPhone X on the Windows 10 operating system through an application called UTM that allows Virtual Machines to be able to run on iOS. The video clip at the end of the news shows that the Windows interface 10 on the iPhone X is the same as on a Windows 10 notebook, but clicking on a menu or app will have to drag the mouse pointer to that location and then click Which will see that Microsoft Word and Paint can be used as well

However, although the video proves that the iPhone X can run Windows 10, the process is considered very slow.This is because the iPhone X is not designed to be used with Windows 10.

As for the name of Hacking Jules, many of you may already be familiar with each other. Because it’s the same person who had installed both Windows 95 and Windows 7 on the iPhone X before.