Hackers Sell 500 Million Personal Information to Chinese Weibo Users Through Dark Web

Sold for 320,000 won… Weibo, personal information collection background

Personal information on China’s social network services, Weibo, and 580 million users is being sold on the Dark Web. The user’s real name, nickname used on the site, location information, and 170 million mobile phone numbers were also included. However, the password was not included.

US G.NET reported on the 23rd that local advertisements selling Weibo users’ personal information were captured online, such as the Dark Web.

In this ad, hackers said they attempted to hack Weibo in the middle of last year to obtain a SQL database (DB) dump. The selling price was 1799 yuan (about 320,000 won).

After the fact was reported to Chinese media, Weibo sent a statement to 36kr, a Chinese corporate information site. Weibo said in a statement that at the end of 2018, a large number of mobile phone numbers were uploaded in the process of linking accounts and mobile phone numbers.

Subsequently, the statement posted on the company profile page answered that users are safe because the password is not stored in plain text.

The United States G-Dinette pointed out that this was a point of view that was not a sudden explanation. The company said that the user’s personal information was uploaded in the process of linking the mobile phone number and the API. However, this is not related to the SQL DB dump that the hacker revealed as the source from which the personal information was obtained. It did not explain the background of the hacker’s acquisition of personal information other than his mobile phone number.

Hackers also provided samples of personal information that they sell, which was confirmed to be accurate.

Weibo said police are under investigation for the data breach.

U.S. GDNET noted that China is an easy-to-catch environment because it has totalitarian regulations on the Internet. For example, after the fact that the personal information stored by the hotel management company Hwaju Hotel Group was sold on the Dark Web in 2018, hackers were arrested in three weeks.

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