GPS positioning system III launched tonight: 3 times accuracy benefiting 4 billion users.

GPS is the oldest and most well-known satellite navigation system. However, due to national economy and people’s livelihood and military defense, Russia has established GLONASS (GLONASS), Europe has formed Galileo (Galileo), and Japan has established “leading roads”. China has established the Beidou system.

Take China’s Beidou as an example. At present, 43 satellites have been launched. Among them, the Beidou No. 3, which is facing global service and under construction, has been deployed to the 19th star, and the basic system has been completed.

According to foreign media reports, after repeated delays, the first satellite of GPS III (third generation global positioning system) will be at 9:11 am in Cana, Florida. The Veraer Air Force Base and the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket were launched . The total launch window time was 26 minutes. The backup date was 9:07 am on the 19th.

It is expected that the satellite will reach the Earth orbit in about 1 hour and 56 minutes after the launch.

The GPS III satellite has 3 times accuracy (from 3 meters to 0.9 meters) and 8 times anti-interference ability . It will effectively improve the performance of the current 31 GPS I/II satellites, benefiting 4 billion users.

According to the data, Lockheed Martin is responsible for the satellite manufacturing. The ground station OCX is under the responsibility of Raytheon. However, the US Air Force and the Pentagon have discovered network security problems during the acceptance of the OCX, causing delays in progress. .

It is expected that around 2021, the OCX ground station will be officially put into operation . At that time, 32 GPS IIIs may be deployed almost as well. At that time, GPS users can enjoy the upgrade brought by the new system.