Google’s cool podcast app finally arrives on iOS and is great for new listeners.

Probably not the best time to launch a product, but it can actually distract people while locking the product. Google introduced a nice podcast app to iOS. Of course it is free.
Search conglomerates started their app on Android in 2018. Google Podcast supported playback on the web at the time, but launched a suitable website last month. The new iOS app is the last piece of the puzzle.

It’s very easy to browse the app, so not all buttons and tabs are explored. Particularly great is how to force Google Podcasts to subscribe to the program and then focus on episodes where you can dive right away without figuring out what to listen to.
For example, searching for “corona virus” will show episodes and podcasts related to the corona virus, so you can easily queue up a delicious lock meal while cooking.

This interface displays information about each episode as you browse podcasts, so you can easily tweak without having to subscribe to the show first. It’s like window shopping for your next listening.
Also, when you start listening to episodes on one platform, you can resume where you left off on other devices thanks to the syncing capabilities of Android, Web and iOS.

Along with the iOS app, Google has released the ability to subscribe to podcasts from web players and redesign the Android version.