Google wants to speed up restart of Android after update

The “Resume on Reboot” function will complete the update of Android without having to unlock the smartphone when it restarts.

Updating Android smartphones is a procedure that can be lengthy. In particular, you must unlock the device when it is restarted to continue the installation. For example, if you launched the update overnight, it will not be completely finished in the morning because many apps will not start until the smartphone is unlocked. Aware of this limit, Google is working on a new function called “Resume on Reboot”.

The goal is to temporarily and securely store user authentication data for use when the smartphone restarts after an update. Thus, the operation can end without user intervention.

If the smartphone is equipped with a dual partition system , for example Google pixels, the update process is even less restrictive because the update of Android is installed on the inactive participation, which then becomes the partition active during restart. The user can therefore use his smartphone until the last minute.

To discover also in video:

This function however requires a specific hardware configuration, with certain security functions to avoid possible hacking, and will not be available on all devices.

Google is currently testing it on its Pixel 4 and has not yet indicated when it will be available.

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