Google is currently testing its Stadia service on different Android smartphones, other than the Pixel range alone.

Google Stadia soon on all Android smartphones?

Launched last November, Google Stadia allows you to enjoy a selection of games from a Google Chrome tab, a Chromecast Ultra or even a Pixel smartphone (and even an electronic reader ). Ultimately, the goal is obviously to be able to play from any Android smartphone a recent minimum.

Also, Google is already testing the service on smartphones such as the OnePlus 6T, the Galaxy 10e or even the Galaxy Note 9. No beta program here, just an internal test at Google to gauge the quality of service on various terminals.
Note that those who had the opportunity to launch Google Stadia on a smartphone other than Pixel could only perform one game session. By relaunching the application, the option ” This screen ” had indeed disappeared. .. In the coming weeks, Google should, therefore, deploy Stadia on other terminals. Patience …