Google Stadia adds 4k support to browser version

Game streaming service Google Stadia now works in 4k in browser Chrome. This appears from reports from users. Google had already promised 4k support, but it did not work with the release in November last year.

Reddit user BaconRules 21 was the first to post about 4k support, but many users now also see it. Whether a stream is in 4k can be seen in the Connection window that can be called up. If the connection is good enough, a 4k logo can be seen there.

Google had promised 4k support from the beginning, but until now the resolution did not go higher than full hd. It had been clear for some time that the 4k streams would come, but it was still unknown when that would happen; Google had only said it would be somewhere in the coming months . The 4k resolution already worked during gaming via the Chromecast Ultra dongle.

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